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The training in this section is for new hires and recurrent training.  Blue Tuna can also create new employee orientation training that is more specific to your company needs.  Visit our custom training services page for more details.


  • Alcohol in the Workplace

  • Drug Abuse in the Workplace

  • Prescription Drugs in the Workplace

  • Facility Security

  • Security Awareness

  • Office Safety

  • AS9100 QMS Orientation

New Employee Training:

Number of Courses Available: 7

Training Author: Terry Tolleson

Course Certifications: AMT Awarded, FAA Approved

Date Added: April 8, 2012

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Alcohol in the Workplace

Blue Tuna's Alcohol in the Workplace training highlights the effects of alcohol use and abuse on job safety and performance as well as the drinker's health. The result should be greater recognition of alcohol's hazards and greater understanding of the need for zero tolerance of alcohol on the job. View time 20 minutes, total train time 60 minutes with quiz and handout.

Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Blue Tuna's Drug Abuse and the Workplace training highlights the need to focus attention on how individual drug abuse jeopardizes workplace safety. The result should be greater understanding of the need to keep the workplace drug free and the importance of drug abusers getting help before they harm themselves or others. (Viewing length 25 minutes, 15 question quiz, 10 page student guide, total estimated training time 1 hour.)

Prescription Drugs in the Workplace

Prescription Abuse is on the rise in our country. The dangers associated with prescription abuse are similar to illicit drug use. Company policy should be spelled out clearly for prescription abuse in the workplace. This training reviews the dangers and what to do about it. The view time on this course is 15 minutes, with a handout and 10 question quiz, for a total training time of 30 minutes.

Facility Security

The goal of Repair Station Facility Security Training is to present an overview of security issues present in the typical repair station. This will aid the student in understanding the basic elements of security in the repair station environment necessary to provide a safe place to work and maintain articles that meet airworthiness standards. (Viewing length 20 minutes, 20 question quiz, 17 page student guide, total estimated training time 1.5 hour.)

Aviation Security Awareness

Aviation Security Awareness Training is designed to meet Department of Transportation requirements for aviation companies that ship "known cargo" and are "known consignors". The course objectives are to provide clear understanding of DOT cargo security regime and how it applies to known consignors, to understand what known cargo is, what a known cosignor does and to clearly understand the importance of secure access and their role in controlling access as individuals. View time 30 minutes, total training time 45-60 minutes including quiz and handout.

Office Safety

Blue Tuna's Office Safety is a comprehensive one course introduction to topics important for office culture and work safety. This training courses includes overviews of evacuation procedures, fire prevention, chemical spills, medical emergencies, natural disasters, ergonomics, stress, slips, back safety, and lifting techniques. The automated quiz, grading and reporting features makes this an excellent - no hassle - employee orientation tool. (Viewing length 45 minutes, 10 question quiz, 9 page student guide, total estimated training time 1.5 hours.)

AS9100 QMS Orientation

Blue Tuna’s AS9100 QMS course is designed to introduce employees to principles associated with AS9100. This module is perfect for initial employee training for the AS9100 requirement, addressing subjects like implementation of the quality management system, the process based approach of the QMS and fundamental descriptions of the documentation of the quality system. View Time 20 minutes, 50 minutes total train time with quiz and handout.