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Electrostatic Discharge / Damage to circuit boards and components occur on a daily basis in maintenance shops and operational settings.  ESDamage may result in latent or active failures of devices important to the safety and airworthiness of a component.  Blue Tuna’s ESD training provides strategies to reduce and eliminate the occurrence of these costly events.

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  • ESD Refresher

ESD Training Programs:

Number of Courses Available: 2

Training Author: Terry Tolleson

Course Certifications: AMT Awarded, FAA Approved

Date Added: April 8, 2012

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ESD Intro

Blue Tuna offers a comprehensive interactive learning program for those who work with static sensitive devices. From the time new electrical / electronic products or ones sent in for repair hits the receiving doors workers must be careful to prevent electrostatic discharge. This training focus on: How static electricity works? What is ESD? How ESD occurs? Types of damage caused to devices that have been exposed to electrostatic discharge are reviewed and strategies for ESD prevention both on the bench and throughout a facility are discussed. Care is given to the whole company, ESD situational awareness is emphasized for every employee. (Viewing length 40 minutes, 25 question quiz, 4 page student guide, total estimated training time 1 hour.)

ESD Refresher

This Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) course will supply instructions to touch, move or use electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) equipmment, components safely. The objective of this ESD course is to educate the technician with the knowledge of how to properly handle ESD senstive equipment. 15 minutes to view with quiz and handout for .5 hour credit.