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Blue Tuna has several hazmat safety training programs. Some are located in OSHA training and New Employee training, but most can be found in the Hazmat Safety Training category here at this page. The Hazard Communication “Right to Know” law has undergone big changes during 2012, now replaced by the course “Globally Harmonized System Training” with a focus on MSDS and SDS. We have both the old and new Hazard Communication courses. The scope of the older course is broad and captures the rule as a whole, the new course focuses more on the data sheets. 49 CFR Part 172 is included here for those who ship hazmat. Also, the Hazmat Transportation Security Awareness training is applicable to any company that requires the security component for shippers and carriers.

Hazmat Safety Training Programs:

Number of Courses Available: 4

Training Author: Terry Tolleson

Course Certifications: AMT Awarded, FAA Approved

Date Added: April 8, 2012

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49 CFR Part 172

Each repair station that meets the definition of a hazmat employer under 49 CFR 171.8 must have a hazardous materials training program that meets the training requirements of 49 CFR part 172 subpart H. Each hazmat employee must be initially trained and periodically retrained at least every three years in three areas. This training covers those three areas, general awareness, function specific and emergency response. The course viewing is approximately 65 minutes, the training requireses a current copy of CFR 49 Parts 100-185 and the Current DOT Emergency Response Guide book. View time is approximatley 65 minutes, with handouts and a quiz for 90 minutes of training.

Globally Harmonized System Training

Global Harmonized System training replaces 29 CFR 1910.1200 as the Hazardous Communication "Right To Know Law". This OSHA course is required training by December 1st, 2013. This course is designed to protect employees from hazardous chemicals used or stored in the work setting. Also referred to as the "Right To Know Law", it requires that Hazard Communication training and information be proved to any employees who have the potential of being exposed to a hazardous chemical "under normal conditions of use or in a foreseeable emergency." The training time is 30 minutes in length and a quiz for a total time credit of 60 minutes of training.

HAZCom Right To Know

Every employee has the RIGHT TO KNOW (1910.1200) about the chemicals they may come into contact within the workplace. This training will equip workers with information on identification of checmicals and the hazards they represent. (Viewing length 30 minutes, 10 question quiz, 3 page student guide, total estimated training time 1 hour.)

Hazmat Transportation Security Awareness Training

Shippers and carriers of certain highly hazardous materials must develop and implement security plans. In addition, all shippers and carriers of hazardous materials must assure that their employee training includes a security component. This training is designed as an introduction to meet this requirement. (View Time 23 minutes, 10 question quiz.) The training is divided into four sections, 1) Introduction 2) Potential Targets 3) Potential Threats and 4) Prevention Tools.

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