Blue Tuna Training Stream - Training and Course No Flash Update

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Training Staus
Thank you to all our customers for the patience you have had with all of us at Blue Tuna Docs. We our currently prioritizing the conversion of our training.
Currently Live
This is a list of the converted and available training in our library. Our entire library is being converted way from Flash including custom training. This list will be updated through the day.
A Word on Custom Training
If you have custom training it will not appear on the list below. But, is being converted as well. This list will be updated through the day. If you need your custom training available critically please reach out to
Customers with Flash based Training
If you or your company currently has training that is Flash based an no longer supported online. Now is a great opportunity to have Blue Tuna convert and host your extra training. If you have onboarding, employee training, aviation, Repair Station, or even OSHA or technical skill training; we would be glad to help. Please go to this link and send us your information.